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About Farrans

Farrans Construction and Civil Engineering
Farrans business is structured in to two primary divisions: Building and Civil Engineering. The main divisions perfectly complement each other in terms of resource and expertise.

Capitalising on our versatility, we have also established specialised sub-divisions to better package our services for sectors which demand particular skills and resources. Farrans Homes, Healthcare and Utilities are all now well established in our Company structure and each command enviable positions in their marketplace.

We continue to develop excellence in all aspects of building and civil engineering while at the same time the boundaries of service level delivered to our customers are continually being extended.  At the heart of this approach is the recognition of our wider social responsibility.  We share our workplace with communities and the natural environment making it vital that we implement sustainable business practices across our operation.

The concepts of partnering, alternative forms of contract, value engineering, Public Private Partnerships and Performance Related Partnering have all been embraced by us and kept us at the forefront of innovation and modern construction techniques for over 70 years.

Central to our operation is a commitment to the values of health and safety, quality and the environment.  Our management systems are ISO accredited and our approach to responsible stewardship of industry best practice has been recognised through achievement of BS8900 Sustainable Development.