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Farrans Eco Efficiency Drive

FEED was developed and implemented by our Commercial Management Team back in May 2010 to enable us to reach or exceed our business targets for waste, productivity, programme and carbon footprint.

The "Eco" aspect of FEED relates to both economic and environmental efficiencies. Through FEED we are able to monitor and improve the efficiency of our project teams and simultaneously reduce carbon emissions in a controlled and measured way.

To help us achieve this, we have introduced 3 primary targets across our projects:

  1. 0% allowance on wastage
  2. Increase staff productivity by 10%
  3. Reduce programme by 10%

On a daily basis, our dedicated FEED team collect and analyse data from the projects in relation to the primary targets, pinpoint areas for improvement and take the steps needed to increase efficiencies. The performance of each project team is entered into a league table to create a healthy competitive environment and maintain a daily focus on getting results.

FEED is a truly unique and innovative way to uplift our onsite performance and deliver on our clients requirements around Cost, Time and Quality. It reinforces our long term commitment to the environment, supports the continuous improvement of our project teams and delivers substantial cost savings.

"We estimate that by achieving our primary targets through FEED, Farrans can save in the region of £4,000,000 per year."

Sean Bradley - Commercial Director

For more information on the key benefits of using FEED, call our commercial team on +44(28) 90 551300 or simply click here to submit your enquiry.