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Delivering exactly what our clients want

Farrans Lean initiative was introduced in January 2011 to help drive out waste and establish practices and processes which ensure we deliver exactly what our clients want in the most efficient way at minimum cost. We have concentrated on three key aspects of Lean Construction:

Collaborative planning

The process involves getting our suppliers who do the work to create a Master Plan with the assistance of our project team, design team and client. We conduct weekly meetings on site to review progress against the plan and agree manageable workloads for the coming week. This approach provides total focus on predictability of delivery, enables us to quickly foresee and overcome obstacles that could affect programme and is an excellent means for developing solid working relationships with our suppliers and clients.

Lean thinking

Lean Thinking is helping our teams to develop the tools and techniques needed to eliminate waste in all forms. One of our primary FEED targets is 0% allowance for wastage across our projects. We are currently creating Standard Operating Procedures for every aspect of construction from laying pipes and constructing manholes, to reinstatements. The procedures are designed to eliminate or lessen the number of defects, increase onsite efficiency and create shorter lead times.

Supply chain development

To be truly effective, Lean Construction requires the involvement of the whole value chain.

Working with our client, Scottish Water, we are building a winning supply team that can interface and work collectively to deliver exactly what our client wants.   

32 participants from Farrans, Scottish Water and our supply chain have been trained in the LEAN sustainability tools and processes and are now delivering significant results in the specific areas of time, cost, quality and carbon savings across four of our Civil Engineering and Utilities projects. Each participant is on schedule to achieve the Scottish Vocational Qualification, (SVQ) in Business Improvement Techniques.

“DTI statistics show that less than 50% of UK projects finish on time. Construction teams who employ collaborative planning techniques have not only managed to consistently deliver on time but to reduce project times by up to 30%.”

For more information on the benefits Farrans LEAN Initiative can bring to a project, call our commercial team on +44(28) 90432123 or simply click the Contact Us form and submit your enquiry.