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Safety Sam

About Safety Sam

We value the work we do in our local communities and educating school children on health and safety plays a major part of our CSR policy.

Farrans works closely with local primary schools delivering fun and insightful safety presentations to school children emphasising the dangers of construction sites and pointing out the many hazards associated with them.

The presentation is entitled ‘Safety Sam’, a character used to relay the message of safety to the children in an interactive, fun and entertaining way. The presentation includes a video showing how children can become injured if they use a construction site as a playground. The initiative was developed by the Farrans Health & Safety Department and given to the Northern Ireland Safety Group for distribution to other contractors. 

The presentation is delivered by Brian Hill who encourages participation from the children, asking them to guess what the meaning of each letter of ‘Safety Sam’ represents with regard to a construction site.  The motto of ‘Safety Sam’ is ‘Play Safe – Stay Safe’. 

Farrans company motto is, ‘Nothing we do is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely’. The management at Farrans sincerely hope that delivering the ‘Safety Sam’ message will help to protect young children in the interests of all concerned. 

Safet Sam Image Safety Sam Safety Sam Image


Communicating the message

The presentation is approximately 45 minutes long and at the end, the children are given pencils, rubbers, rulers and stickers with the message, ‘Play Safe-Stay Safe’. Children’s high visibility waistcoats are also provided to the school with the Safety Sam logo.

We have delivered the ‘Safety Sam’ presentation throughout England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and have received very positive feedback from teachers, pupils and parents.

When working with nursery schools, we deliver our Safety Sam presentation in a different way. This takes the form of a story read by our Safety Sam presenter, Brian Hill.  Children’s high visibility waistcoats are provided to the school with the Safety Sam logo, and worn by the children when out on nature walks or similar activities.