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Farrans co-sponsors ICE North East Inspire Finals Day

14th May 2019

The ICE North East Inspire Finals Day; an event co-sponsored by Farrans, was held at The Rail Academy in Gateshead last week.

The challenge set out on the day involved six teams representing six primary schools from the North East of England.


Each team was tasked with designing, planning and constructing an emergency relief shelter, to be built using sustainable and recyclable materials, including bamboo, recycled tarpaulin and corrugated cardboard.


Teams were set a budget and timescale, working collaboratively to ensure their shelter was safe, cost efficient, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing.


Farrans Section Engineer Farhan Iqbal was responsible for mentoring a team representing Consett Academy, who did an excellent job of constructing a sturdy and (almost!) waterproof structure within budget.


The standards were extremely high, and while Farrans’ team did not win on this occasion, the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and will no doubt make excellent engineers in the future.