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Farrans Foundation Graduates are top of the class

4th November 2019

Farrans was delighted to celebrate the success of our 2019 Farrans Foundation graduates at a recent event.

A ceremony which acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the 18 graduates was held in the Merchant Hotel, Belfast on Friday 25th October.

Deputy Managing Director Dominic Lavery presented the alumnus with their certificates of achievement at the event which was well attended by our Directors and Contracts Managers. An award was also given to the top graduate of the programme.

Farrans Foundation is a two-year Graduate Programme, with aims of acquiring the best talent and supporting them to gain the necessary experience and knowledge to work within the Engineering and Building sectors in Farrans.

The graduate initiative has been identified as a critical initiative in the delivery of our growth agenda.

The programme has focused on giving our graduates the experience and development they require to become competent engineers and builders. It is the starting point on their journey to become leaders of the future in Farrans.