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Farrans Welcome New Talent Across the UK

19th June 2017

In the past two weeks, Farrans has welcomed 29 new members to the team, with a further 17 set to receive their induction next month.


More Talent Across the Business

The new employees include a combination of placement students, recent graduates and those with significant experience. They will now occupy a range of roles across Farrans’ four offices and various sites across the UK.

The new team-members participated in a 2-day session, during which they were introduced to the Farrans company structure and internal support services - including the new Performance Management process, which encourages employees’ professional development through a bespoke, internal review process.

A range of people who work across the business came along to speak to the inductees and give them a sense of Farrans’ strategic objectives and core values.


Understanding the Company Values

Catherine McCartan, who has recently joined the company in the role of Human Resources Advisor, said the induction gave her a good flavour of the business and the diversity of the people across the company.

“It was enjoyable having numerous people across the business present topics relevant to their specialism,” Catherine said.

“This demonstrated how several components link into the overall mission, vision and values at Farrans. 

“I was part of an enthusiastic mix of placement students, graduates and those, like myself, who are joining Farrans at a later stage in their career.

“I think there was a definite sense of camaraderie – even at this early stage. There is a sense that we are joining a strong and close-knit team at Farrans and that the company values a genuine team effort in shaping the future”.

The inductees also met with a number of Directors and Senior Managers, who were delighted to welcome the latest additions. The inductees then undertook a 3-day training course to obtain their First Aid at Work qualifications.

An induction for the next 17 new employees is currently being planned for July.