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Northern Spire: The Bridge that Farrans Built

6th December 2017

The name of the impressive new bridge which crosses the River Wear has been unveiled this week as Northern Spire.

The new crossing was officially named Northern Spire during an event which took place on the bridge on Monday and was attended by members of the site team, council officials and media representatives.

The name Northern Spire was selected following a week-long vote, where members of the public were asked to choose their favourite from 3 shortlisted options.

In total, more than 10,000 votes were cast, with Northern Spire receiving 49% of the entire vote. The other options, Lumen Point and The Prism, received 34% and 17% respectively.

The list of possible names had been agreed by an independent panel which was comprised of members of the Sunderland community and business fraternity.

Significance and Stature

Ryan Rogan, Construction Manager for Farrans, said the name was a good fit.

"We have worked on this project for more than two-and-half-years and have watched the bridge develop and come to life over time, and there is no doubt that it’s an imposing, striking structure. We all feel very proud to be a part of the team.

"It’s important that the name chosen matches the significance and stature of the bridge, along with the ambition of the city, and I think Northern Spire does that.

"The crossing has been built to last at least 120 years, and this name will definitely stand the test of time."   
The Northern Spire will help reduce congestion around Sunderland, speed up journey time for motorists and allow a huge area of land along the south side of the River Wear to be regenerated and developed.

It is scheduled for completion in 2018.