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Statement Re. COVID-19

27th March 2020

In times when everything seems unclear, what becomes clear is what is truly important.

The most important thing to Farrans is to keep our people, supply chain, customers, stakeholders and communities safe in line with the guidance of the local Government and health authorities. 

We are more than just a business, we are part of the fabric of the communities in which we operate. This relationship will be more important than ever as we link arms with the rest of society to try and combat this pandemic together.


Farrans is proud to be part of the construction industry, a front-line business which will play its part in supporting all essential public services during this crisis. We are grateful for the truly brilliant, pragmatic and inspiring people who have stood up to this challenge. 


We are actively reaching out to the front line services to explore ways in which we can support the most vulnerable.


Suspending the majority of our operations

In light of ongoing and ever evolving discussions with our clients, our supply chain and other key stakeholders a decision has been made to close all non-essential sites. Works shall be suspended in an orderly and safe manner over the course of the next few days. All project managers are informing staff on site whether their project is to continue or not.


Continuity of Service

The Government made it clear that construction and manufacturing are two key sectors that must continue working in the provision of essential services


Critical projects set to continue include:

• Supporting health, emergency and security services
• Maintaining water and sewerage
• Maintaining utilities and telecoms
• Maintaining transport links
• Supporting essential distribution and logistics networks


We are taking action to follow the Government’s guidance to reduce the spread of Covid-19 while continuing to support our customers and supply chains during this difficult period.


Working from home: Our office-based people now work from home and avoid unnecessary travel.

Social Distancing: We have rigorous procedures in place to ensure everyone on site follows these measures.

Facilities: We have staggered the use of the facilities. 

Communication: We are holding regular briefings on the importance of hand washing and hygiene, as well as intensifying our daily cleaning regime. 

Cleaning: We are ensuring communal touch points are cleaned down a number of times each day and providing hand sanitiser; hygiene guidance and clear signage.

Pre work validation of personal health: We are encouraging members of the site team to notify us of any changes to their health and to self-isolate immediately if anyone feels/displays any of the symptoms. 


We will continue to heed the very latest Government advice. This will be monitored daily and procedures and messaging adapted immediately to any changes that are required.


Dominic Lavery, Deputy Managing Director, Farrans Construction

John Wilson, Managing Director, Farrans Construction