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Two Farrans Employees Recognised for Outstanding H&S Performance

12th December 2017

Farrans Plant Department recently recognised two employees for their contribution to outstanding Health & Safety during 2017.

Leading by Example Award

Andrew Douglas, a joiner in Farrans Plant, was nominated for a Leading By Example Award, following his outstanding performance in promoting Health & Safety Observations over the past year.

In 2016, Farrans Plant department introduced the use of a new Safety Observation system, in an effort to identify potential problems and resolve problems more efficiently.

This practice has been well adopted by the entire Plant department. Andrew was singled out for his effort to not only adopt a H&S-focused approach himself, but to encourage a shift in behaviour and attitudes from others – on site and in the Plant department. 

Andrew is currently responsible for site setups, including logistics planning for delivering, refurbishing and removing huts across our UK-wide site locations.

Farrans Plant Manager, Don Creighton, who received a CRH Europe Safety Award earlier this year, praised Andrew for leading by example when it comes to making H&S Observations.

“Andrew has really understood the importance of Safety Observations and helped carry that message throughout the Plant team,” Don said.

“I am pleased to say that there has been a marked difference in the awareness of the team and the speed at which issues are raised and subsequently addressed”.

“This is a success in our first year of undertaking Safety Observations and it is important to recognise the effort being made by all the Plant team, as well as the need to build upon this excellent start”. 


Making a Difference Award

Ken Ramsey, who has been an electrician at Farrans for the past 7 years, was nominated for a Making a Difference Award, following his quick thinking during an emergency.

Ken, who completed his 3-day First Aid Training course earlier this year, had to call upon his new skills when he found himself the only person equipped to help a man who had collapsed at a Tesco store in Dumfries, Scotland.

After calling into the shop at lunchtime, an elderly man in the queue in front of him collapsed and briefly lost consciousness.

As the only trained first-aider at the scene, Ken was quick to react - putting the man into the recovery position and assisting him until the ambulance arrived.

Speaking about the incident, Ken said he was thankful for Farrans having put him through the “very worthwhile” First Aid training.

“What had been covered in the training sessions just kicked in,” he recounted.

“I kept calm and made sure to keep the gentleman talking until the ambulance arrived”.

Ken’s Manager, Don, praised Ken for a swift and level-headed response in a stressful situation.

“Ken’s actions in helping a member of the public who had collapsed is proof of the value of First Aid Training”.

“Whether on-site or outside the workplace, being fully trained means that you can step up and take responsibility, should the need arise”.

“It’s a reminder to all employees at Farrans of the importance of undertaking First Aid Training – you never know when you might need to take responsibility for someone else’s safety”.

Congratulations to both Ken and Andrew on their outstanding achievements.