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Health and Safety

Farrans Construction and Civil Engineering


We meet the health and safety challenge through personal commitment from the boardroom to the work site.  Nothing we do is so important that we cannot do it safely and our people are educated and empowered to Consider Accidents and Recognise Everyone’s Safety (CARES).

Our third party accreditations are among the essential tools we use to meet our health and safety commitment.  They underpin the “Farrans CARES” safety management system which we use across our organisation and various complimentary initiatives which contribute to our culture of working safely everywhere, all the time.

We work hard to raise awareness of the risks in our workplace and as part of this; we focus on recording hazards and near misses.  This helps us understand what steps to take to make our workplace safer.

itment relies on effective communication.  Our Visible Felt Leadership programme is just one initiative that brings together our leadership team and workforce in one-to-one conversation about the health and safety elements of our work.

We are aligned with a number of local agencies, mainly charities, to open up wellbeing initiatives to our workforce.  These include education campaigns, regular health check-ups and access to support networks to deal with both illness and lifestyle related issues.